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The Nacra 580 is the ultimate hybrid between a racing and recreational catamaran. With
it’s kick up centreboards and high volume hulls the 580 delivers high speed performance
and fun guaranteed. It is also possible to fit out the 580 with an asymmetrical spinnaker kit
for even more downwind performance. Several big races were already won with this
combination the last two years.
The 580 can also be used as the all round family boat to go out on the weekend and to
spend time together. This specific design has large volume hulls for stability. The 580 has a
front beam jib sheeting position which provides an uncluttered trampoline. Roomy and
simple set up with performance thrown in just for the fun of it! The 580 is ideal to sail with
two persons for racing and with even more for cruising!

Length 19 feet
Beam 8' 6"
Weight 400 lbs
Mast Length 30' 9.5"
Mainsail Area 188 sq feet
Jib Area 52 sq feet