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Off the beach and shallow water sailing at its best!
The 570 combines simplicity and ease of sailing with the modern look that Nacra made
famous. The 570 is sloop rigged with a boomless squaretop mainsail, boardless skeg
symmetrical hulls and beachable kickā€up rudder system. The 570 has a front beam jib
sheeting position which provides an uncluttered trampoline. Roomy and simple set up
with performance thrown in just for the fun of it! This cat is ideal to sail with two persons
for racing and with even more for cruising!

Length 18' 8"
Beam 8' 2.5"
Weight 310 lbs
Mast Length 29' 10"
Mainsail Area 177 sq feet
Jib Area 50 sq feet
Double Trapeze