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The Nacra 500 combines simplicity and easy sailing with the modern look that Nacra made famous worldwide. The Nacra 500 is undoubtly one of the finest production boats available in the popular 16 to 17 foot range. Boardless symmetrical hulls combined with the Nacra kickā€up rudder system assures you easy beaching and worry free sailing in shallow waters. The Nacra 500 is fitted out completely with top quality lines, fittings and Harken blocks throughout. The 500 can also be sailed and righted by one person which gives it a great dual purpose capability. Simplicity and value are the key components of the Nacra 500. Optional spinnaker package
This catamaran is ideal for recreational sailors and occasional racers.

Length 16' 5"
Beam 8' 2.5 "
Weight 297 lbs
Mast Height
27 feet
Mainsail Area 149 sq feet
Jib Area 41 sq feet
Double Trapeze
Optional Sport Package