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N20-Infusion Race Package

Part # Description
9728 Tapered Main Sheet
9729 Tapered Spinnaker Halyard
Tapered spinnaker halyard going from 5mm to 3mm
9136 Adjustable Trapeze system
5803 Ultra light Carbon Tiller Extension
Adjustable Carbon 16.9oz Race Tiller Extension
9774 Mast Rotation Quick Release
System to quickly release the mast rotator for downwind sailing.
9138 Staymaster and Shroud Upgrade
Have more control over rig tension
9135 16:1 Cunningham System
Expanding from 1:8 to 1:16
Contains: Cunningham Lines, 2 Wire Blocks, 2 Clam Cleats
Not included in race package because 16:1 downhaul voids warranty on the main sale.
9137 Chicken Wires
Prevents the crew from going forward during sailing in trapeze on
Spinnaker run: Shock cord, Lines, 2 Blocks, 2 Shackles.
Now included as standard equipment on new N20 and F18 Infusions