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Nacra 20

Please note that the Nacra 20 has been replaced by the F20Carbon..


The Nacra 20 is the faster, more powerful big brother of the F18. The hulls are designed with a very large amount of volume which helps prevent trips down the mine. The Nacra 20 is a very competitive racing platform for heavier teams and is competitive up to 370 pounds or more. Fitted with all the best Harken blocks and top notch lines there are few if any upgrades required to win races. The N20 is ideally suited to long distance races and for years was and still is the boat of choice for the Worrell 1000 and Tybe 500 races. It is also equally at home around the marks.

For 2009 the boat is equiped with the F18 Infusion mast section and the jib is now fully battened. The Nacra 20 gives all the performance of an Olympic Tornado at a fraction of the cost. The design is ideally suited to light wind that we have in Ontario. Standard equipment includes self tacking jib, canted hulls, spinnaker and snuffer system.

Length 20 feet
Width 8.5 feet
Mast height 32 feet
Weight 390 lbs
Mainsail area 208 sq feet
Jib area 53 sq feet
Spinnaker area 270 sq feet