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F18 Infusion MK2 ( read: Mark two)


The F18 Class is the largest and by far the fastest growing catamaran class in the world. In Ontario there is a very strong racing fleet with many events on the schedule.

The Nacra F18 Infusion represents the very latest F18 design and has some significant enhancements over the previous generation of F18s. Although the F18 Infusion is still the boat to beat we are launching a Mark II model of the Infusion. Together with the original designers Morelli Melvin and the International Nacra sailing team Nacra had decided to go for it! Here is a list of changes on the Infusion. This year during the worlds of F18 it showed again that Nacra is very competitive and almost had won the worlds until the last race was sailed. To make sure we stay there we need to stay one step ahead!! These are the changes to the Infusion MK2:

  • Nacra Sailing “Team Boards” = Faster + higher upwind performance, easier all over
  • New designed monolithic dagger board cases = Stiffer & Stronger like F20 carbon
  • Pro-grip deck lay out like F20 Carbon = Soft & comfortable + safe ( good grip)
  • Improved general Construction = even improved torsion stiffness
  • Added sail colour main + jib= Smoke/White/Blue
  • Updated race package = Cunningham jib, new line-pack, rudder& dagger board bags
  • Updated sail shape = quicker main/jib combination + spinnaker
  • Integrated upf*cker = to pull up port dagger board in racing
  • No further changes are made to the hulls = still unbeaten hull shape
The Infusion MK II is available from the 1st of January 2011

‐ Canted hulls. 4 degrees for better upwind performance
‐ Innovative bow/deck watershearing design gives less water resistance
‐ Semi encapsulated front beam reduces drag from water
‐ Gybing dagger boards give you more lift upwind
‐ Wing shaped mast profile means less wind drag and also less weight aloft
‐ Maximum raised rear beam gives reduced tendency for the rear beam to hit waves going downwind
‐ Self tacking jib
‐ Low bridle means very efficient, high aspect jib, giving more drive and less heal
‐ Nacra kick‐up rudder system is recognized as the best around today
‐ Ultra‐clean deck lay out adds to sailing efficiency and safety
‐ High aspect square topped mainsail yields more controllable power.
‐ Infusion wing mast has a much better system for diamond tension. It is a single bolt under the base of the mast and you can change the diamond tension on the water.
‐ Infusion semi‐planing hulls will actually lift the boat out of the water a couple inches resulting in more speed. This is pretty amazing to experience. Over a certain speed everything suddenly gets ighter and very sensitive. You can really feel it.
‐ Infusion hull design has much more volume in he front so that you can push the boat harder.
‐ Mast rotation on the Infusion can be done from on the wire.
‐ The Infusion comes with all Harken Carbo rachematic blocks including a 10:1 main block..The best there is.
‐ The Infusion has a superior spinnaker tack system which allows the skipper to deploy and release the tack which allows the crew to hoist and snuff the spinnaker very quickly.


5.52m or 18 feet
F18 International Class Association
Width 2.60m or 8.5 feet  
Canadian F18 Class Association
Mast Height
9.08m or 30 feet
US F18 Class Association
Weight 180kg or 397 lbs 2009 F18 Worlds
Main Sail area with mast
17m2 Infusion hull construction technique
Jib Area (standard)
Jib Area (small)
Spinnaker size (standard) 
Spinnaker size (small)
Optional Race Package


Close up detail of the spinnaker tack release system under the tramp. Red line is the spinnaker tack.