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The Nacra F17 is the latest single handed Nacra racing cat. New for 2008 is the Aluminum wing mast as standard equipment which is the same mast as the F18 Infusion. This mast is very light and is less expensive than the previous carbon fibre mast.

The F17 is one of the most versatile boats in the Nacra lineup. Sail with 1 person or 2. High freeboard so you sail up and out of the waves.


 17' 5"
 Width 8' 2.5"
 4' Canted hulls
 High Aspect ratio Mylar main sail
 High Aspect ratio dagger boards
 Mast Height
 30' 4"
 Main Sail area with mast
 163 sq feet
 Weight 300lbs
 Standard spinnaker
 15.5 square metres 
 Optional spinnaker for crew over 230 lbs 
 18 square metres
 Optional Jib Kit
 38 sq feet
 Optional 2nd trapeze



F17 Sloop with double trapeze